DSL Telecom Is Proudly Certified In Zoho Desk
Read this blog to learn about our Zoho Desk certification, what the application is about and how it can maximise your business to collaborate with a certified consultant
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DSL Telecom's Team Is Now Certified In Zoho Creator
Read this blog post to learn about our recent Zoho Creator Certification, its advantages, and how teaming up with a Zoho Creator Certified Expert can benefit your business.
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Highlights From Zoholics 2023
Read this blog to gain insight into DSL Telecom's attendance at the annual Zoho user conference. Discover how we have grown to be a credible and resourceful premium Zoho partner by following DSL Telecom's Highlights at Zoholics 2023.
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80s Flashback: DSL Telecom Lawn Bowls Mid-Year Function 2023
Read this blog to find out about DSL Telecom's annual mid-year event. This year we played a lawn bowls tournament while donning 80s-inspired outfits to build upon their team spirit and comradery.
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Answering Common Questions About Cloud PBX Systems
Read this blog post to find answers to the most commonly-asked questions about Cloud Phone Systems.
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