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Netstream uncapped fibre

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 Download/Upload speed Data package Monthly price
4/4 Mbps Uncapped & Unshaped Fibre R589.00 pm
10/10 Mbps Uncapped & Unshaped Fibre

R759.00 pm

 20/20 Mbps Uncapped & Unshaped Fibre R912.00 pm
50/50 Mbps

Uncapped & Unshaped Fibre

R1045.00 pm
 100/100 Mbps Uncapped & Unshaped Fibre R1245.00 pm
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Vox Netstream Fibre 4/4Mbps Package
Vox Netstream Fibre 10/10 Mbps Package
Vox Netstream Fibre 20/20 Mbps Package
Vox Netstream Fibre 50/50 Mbps Package
Vox Netstream Fibre 100/100 Mbps Package
Fibre Internet Deals

Free standard installation and free activation

Sign up this month and qualify for FREE on-site installation and FREE activation of your fibre line, saving you R2733!

Free Wi-Fi fibre router

You will also get a free Wi-Fi fibre router included. The Wi-Fi enabled router connects to multiple smart devices and the router supports video streaming, VoIP calling and lightning fast browsing.

Uncapped Fibre Deals
Uncapped Fibre Packages

Uncapped and unshaped data

Vox fibre data is premium uncapped and unshaped data with no fair usage policy, ideal for home users with large bandwidth requirements. Vox fibre also has low latency which is perfect for gaming, voice and video streaming applications.

What our customers say

What our customers say

DSL Telecom Vox Fibre Customer Review

" Amazing service from DSL Telecom. I have recently signed up for fibre and couldn't be happier. Thanks for making the sign up process a breeze! "

Hilton Jacobs


Vox Uncapped Fibre Deals

'' The best choice as of late was to sign up for Netstream Fibre. DSL Telecom made the sign-up process a pleasure and kept me informed all the way. "

Rajen Bansal


Vox Fibre in my area
" Recently signed up for Fibre and received excellent service from DSL Telecom. Impressed with the overall experience and the installation time. "

Tandiso Palesa


Uncapped fibre in my area

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