Telkom Uncapped LTE deals

Telkom Uncapped LTE

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Telkom Uncapped LTE packages

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Option 1 - Sim Only Package

Get your LTE SIM card which you can insert into any LTE-compatible Wi-Fi router

Option 2 - SIM + Huawei B311B Wi-Fi Router Package

Get your LTE SIM card plus a brand new Huawei B311B Wi-Fi router

10 Mbps uncapped data

Telkom uncapped LTE All Hours is a truly uncapped LTE product where you can use as much data as you want without worrying about hitting data caps or having to top-up.

This is a 10Mbps product. In order to protect customers on its network, Telkom will reduce the speed of heavy users.

Uncapped LTE Wi-Fi
Telkom Uncapped data deals

Full voice service

This uncapped LTE deal comes with a full wireless voice service. No fixed-line/landline is required. 300 on-net minutes (calls to Telkom fixed line or mobile) are also included. Out of bundle voice calls are billed at 70c per minute with per-second billing to all networks.

Simply plug in a telephone handset into the voice port at the back of the router to easily make and receive calls.

Telkom uncapped LTE packages

Package HardwareVoice Delivery Price
Uncapped LTESim Only Voice service includedFree R749.00 pm x 24
 Uncapped LTE - SIM + Wi-Fi RouterSIM + Huawei B311B Wi-Fi router Voice service included Free R799.00 pm x 24
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Telkom uncapped LTE packages

Telkom Uncapped LTE SIM Only
Telkom Uncapped LTE SIM & Router
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Telkom Uncapped LTE FAQs

Telkom LTE
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Delivery & Installation
Telkom LTE

LTE vs Fibre?

LTE is delivered over a dedicated, licensed wireless spectrum using advanced technologies while Fibre is delivered over a physical fibre optic cable. Both technologies are capable of delivering faster internet speeds with lower latency and higher dependability than traditional technologies. 

Does Telkom Uncapped LTE have an FUP?

Yes, there is an FUP (Fair Usage Policy). In order to protect customers on its network, Telkom will reduce the speed of heavy users. It's quite simple. Up to 250GB of usage, you'll be able to access the Telkom LTE/A network at a full 10Mbps high speed. After 250GB,  you'll be able to access the network a standard 4Mbps speed and should you happen to use more than 300GB within the month, Telkom will further reduce the speed on the product to an acceptable 2Mbps which is enough speed for TV streaming, email and general internet browsing.

Why choose Telkom LTE?

Telkom LTE offers fast download and upload speeds that will significantly improve your internet experience. 

Does Rica apply?

Rica compliance rules will apply.

What do I need to have with me when the courier delivers my Uncapped LTE?

The person receiving the LTE package needs to be the same person who has signed for the deal on the application form and they will need to present a copy of their ID to the courier.

What date does my FUP reset?

The FUP resets on the 1st of each month.

Can I use a 3rd party for payments?

If you want to sign up for a Telkom Mobile service but would like another party to pay for the service you will need to do the following:

If the 3rd party payer is a consumer: You will need to supply a copy of the ID of the person whose bank account will be paying for the service, as well as a letter from that person, giving you authority to use their bank account for the specified Telkom mobile service payment.

If the 3rd party payer is a business: You will need to supply a copy of the company registration document for the company whose bank account will be paying for the service, as well as a letter from that company (a person who is duly authorised to do so) giving you authority to use their bank account for the specified Telkom mobile service payment.

What speeds can I expect?

Telkom’s Uncapped LTE network supports download speeds up to 10Mbps.

What is LTE-A (LTE Advanced)?

LTE-Advanced, also known as 4G, is the next evolution from LTE technology and Telkom was the first to commercially launch this technology in South Africa. LTE-Advanced supports a lower latency compared to LTE technology which is important in supporting services that require real time online capability like online gaming and high Quality of Service (QoS). LTE-Advanced QoS provides a guaranteed quality of service and experience for voice and data services in comparison to LTE.

Signing Up
Is there a contract?

Businesses & residential customers need to take out a 24-month contract which can include a LTE-A Wi-Fi router.

Can I add the LTE service to my existing Telkom account?

If you have a Telkom Mobile account then yes. If you have a Telkom Fixed Line account (i.e. landline or ADSL service), then no, as Fixed Line and Mobile are different divisions at Telkom.

Which supporting documents are required if I sign up with my personal (consumer) capacity?

1. Signed application form

2. Copy of Id

3. Copy of latest Telkom bill (Only required for existing Telkom customers)

How long does it take for my SIM to be activated?

+/- 72 business hours. Once your hardware arrives, your SIM card is not yet active. You need to sign the courier waybill and only after the courier gets back to the depot and scans in the waybill and sends it to the Telkom Mobile back-office, will Telkom activate the SIM.

What happens if I relocate?

Because this is a fixed wireless broadband service, we cannot guarantee network coverage and reliability if you relocate. However should you take it with you when you travel or move, it will work just by plugging it in depending on whether you are still in a LTE, 3G or LTE-Advanced coverage zone (should you have an LTE–advanced router/package).

Which supporting documents are required if I sign up in my business capacity?

1. Signed Application Form
2. Company Registration Document

3. Copy of Director's ID

4. Copy of latest Telkom Bill 

5. Proof of Director's Address 

6. Proof of banking (1 month bank statement, canceled cheque or bank confirmation letter) 

Delivery & Installation
How do I check if I'm covered for the Telkom Uncapped LTE? 

Fill in the form on the link below and we will check your Telkom Uncapped LTE internet coverage:

Do I need to have a Telkom line in order to get LTE?

No fixed line is needed at all. Telkom LTE is a completely wireless technology.

How do I increase the overall speed of LTE?

External Speed: Fixed external antennas fitted to the outside of your premises can dramatically increase the speed and stability of your LTE connection. The antennas are easy to install and DSL Telecom offers a self-install option as well as an on-site installation option in certain areas. View antenna options

Where will my LTE be delivered to?

The hardware will be sent directly to the delivery address specified on the application form.

What precautions should I take when setting up my LTE Wi-Fi router?

Users should reset their login username and password on the router, as well as the password for the Wi-Fi connection. 

How do I set up my LTE router when I receive it?

There is an instruction book which comes with your Telkom LTE router. Telkom also has device set up help on their website:

How long does the process that once the application has been submitted?

LTE applications take 3 - 5 working days, so please ensure you get your paperwork in with the correct supporting documents early.

Top tips to ensure speedy delivery:
1) Make sure any Telkom accounts you may have are paid up (including fixed line accounts on Telkom’s side) otherwise Telkom will not process new applications.
2) Ensure your application form is filled in accurately and legibly and the correct supporting documents are sent. 
How many wireless devices can I connect to my router?

You can connect up to 64 wireless devices on the Huawei B535 Wi-Fi router and 10 devices on the Huawei E5577 Mi-Fi router.

How do I boost my signal/speed?

We recommend locking your router to a 4G connection or purchase air ties/boosters at  or

Can I use my existing LTE or LTE-A router?

Most LTE and LTE-A routers will be compatible.

What are the Huawei B535 LTE Wi-Fi router specs?

• Lets you connect up to 64 high-speed wireless devices
• 4 cabled connections

• Form: 4G (LTE-Advanced) Router
• Speed: LTE 300 Mbps DL / 100 Mbps UL

• Wi-Fi Protocol: (802.11b/g/n/ac, 2.4G & 5G dual-band)

• External Ports: 

4 x LAN/WAN ports (RJ45)

1 x phone port (RJ11)

2 x external LTE antenna ports (SMA-J1.5)

1 x micro-SIM card slot

1 x USB 2.0 port

1 x power interface


What if I cancel my LTE package?

Should you wish to cancel your contract early, Telkom Mobile, will as an early termination fee, recover an R850 administration fee and also recover the device subsidy for the remainder of the term of the contract.

What if I require a telephone line service as well?

We can provide you with a VoIP telephone number which will enable you to make cheap calls over you LTE connection. You can also port your number to the VoIP network and keep your existing number. VoIP numbers cost only R29 per month and you only pay for calls you make after that at reduced rates. Learn more here:

Do you supply VoIP?

Yes, DSL Telecom can provide you with 3 options when it comes to voice:

1) We can provide a VoIP Telephone number which is programmed into your LTE router. The numbers cost only R29 per month and all you need to do is plug in your existing analogue phone handset into the LTE router and you will be able to make and receive low cost VoIP calls. Click here to view our VoIP 

2) We can provide you with a VoIP enabled phone, either cordless, desktop or even a softphone for your PC. Click here to view our VoIP packages:

3) You can sign up for a Cloud PBX extension and get full PBX functionality for a low monthly cost. Use an IP phone or use the softphone client as your device to make and receive low-cost calls. Click here to view our Cloud PBX packages:

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Customer reviews

DSL telecom customer review for Telkom Uncapped LTE

"I was sick of all the problems that came with ADSL, so I switched to uncapped LTE and now my internet is stable and really fast." 

Clinton Pentz - Flexi Print

Telkom Uncapped LTE customer testimonial

" I am very happy with the Telkom Uncapped LTE product. I haven't experienced any signal problems at all. My whole family in our house are connected & even when we are sitting outside we stay connected. Wow, it is really amazing! "

Louisa Oerson - Atlantis - Western Cape

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