Vox Uncapped Business Fibre

Vox uncapped business fibre

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Vox business fibre coverage

National fibre network

The market-leading Vox Fibre infrastructure provides high-speed bandwidth and capacity, ensuring a seamless internet experience and reaching speeds of up to 1000Mbps.

Includes a voice service

With your included voice service your business will save on line rentals and calling costs when using Vox VoIP. Pay for your calls per second at a low cost or take an unlimited VoIP package and never worry about a high phone bill again.

Quality of service

Vox Fibre guarantees you better Quality of Service for each application, without sacrificing service performance or quality which allows you to optimise voice & data by converging these services over your fibre network.

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Vox Fibre Communicate Bundles

The Vox Fibre Communicate bundle gives you the right mixture of uncapped data & voice to stay connected as well as other value added services to give you the competitive edge. It is designed to give you the best value for money & award you the economic & technological freedom to develop your network as your business grows. This puts you in complete control of your ICT spend, in-turn managing the spiraling cost of communication.

 UC10 FibreUC20 FibreUC50FibreUC100 FibreUC200 FibreUC500 FibreUC 1000 Fibre
 Symmetrical Line Speed 10 Mbps 20 Mbps 50 Mbps 100 Mbps 200 Mbps 500 Mbps 1000 Mbps

Router Included

 Yes  Yes Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes  Yes 
IT AssessmentIncluded  Included Included IncludedIncluded  Included Included
PBX Extensions 5 10 25 25 25 100 100
Inbound Voice Channels
 1 24 881616
Outbound  Voice Channels1248888
Non Geo Numbers 5 510 101010 10
Voice Quality Qos QoS QoSQoS  QoS QoS QoS
 Voice Minutes Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped UncappedUncapped Uncapped
Preferred & Connected Price (Excluding VAT)
 R899.00 R1 499.00 R2 199.00 R3 499.00

R5 599.00

 R11 999.00 R16 999.00
On-Net Monthly Price (Excluding VAT) R1 499.00 R2 499.00 R3 499.00 R4 999.00 R7 999.00 R12 999.00 R17 999.00

Off-Net Monthly Price (Excluding VAT)

-R3 999.00 R4 999.00R6 999.00 R9 999.00 R12 999.00 R17 999.00

*Preferred & Connected pricing = Fibre infrastructure already exists inside the building therefore the installation lead time is 4-8 weeks.

*On-net pricing =  Fibre already exists in the area. The Fibre Network Owner just has to pull the fibre cable in from the street. The installation lead time is 4-6 months.

*Off-net pricing = Fibre does not exist in the area yet therefore the FNO (Fibre Network Owner) needs to a build infrastructure and then install a POP (point of presence) in the area, thereafter fibre needs to be pulled from the street into the building hence why it is more expensive and the installation lead time is 6-9 months.

Vox uncapped business fibre packages

Choose the ideal Vox fibre deal for your business

Vox Business Fibre 10/10Mbps Package
Vox Business Fibre 20/20Mbps Package
Vox Business Fibre 20/20Mbps Package
Vox Business Fibre 100/100Mbps Package
Vox Business Fibre 200/200Mbps Package
Vox Business Fibre 500/500Mbps Package
Vox Business Fibre 1000/1000Mbps Package

Our customers

Vox business fibre packages

" We at Petals wish to thank DSL Telecom for the incredible way in which you assisted us in getting our Vox internet connection. Your ability to explain everything clearly & the efficient manner & follow-up was exemplary to say the least and great service was delivered. We highly recommend DSL Telecom. "

Antonette Walker - Petals Group

Vox fibre deals
Vox fibre to the business packages
Vox uncapped fibre to the business
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Vox fibre deals
Vox FTTB deals
Vox business fibre deals


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Fair Usage Policy

Why choose business class fibre from Vox?

Vox is an integrated ICT and infrastructure partner to businesses and homes across South Africa. Vox provides an extensive range of communication, infrastructure and application services across a resilient national and international network. Vox is defined by their innovation, technical expertise and focus on customer service. These qualities underpin their ground-breaking fibre network that supports a diverse portfolio of broadband and dedicated solutions, ranging from 10Mbps to 10GBps, and meets the needs of any size business.

How do I know if there is business class fibre in my area?

Fibre is available in Johannesburg, Cape Town, East London, Port Elizabeth, and Durban. Our aggressive roll out strategy ensures continued expansion. In instances where fibre is not yet available in your area, alternate solutions are available. Enquire on our website for alternatives or indicate we should let you know when fibre is coming to your area. You can check check your fibre coverage here: https://www.coveragecheck.co.za/

What is a preferred Vox precinct?

A preferred precinct is an indicator of what type of networking has been used for the building. In preferred precincts  GPON has been used which is a more cost-effective method of installing and provisioning FTTB.

What is the contention ratio for this service?

All fibre packages have a 1:1 Access Contention and a 10:1 network contention on broadband bundles. Network contention on broadband bundles can be lowered to up to 2:1 by adding "fibre plus". Vox also offers dedicated fibre which has a 1:1 contention ratio (uncontended).

Is there an SLA attached to this service? 

Broadband bundles are by default a "best-effort'' service. By adding the "fibre plus" to the broadband bundle, or by opting for a dedicated fibre connection both include SLAs.

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How does the sign up process work, once I have found out that my business is covered?

Our business solutions specialists will give you a call to do a complete needs analysis and tailor a specific package to your needs. They will also do a coverage check across multiple networks for you.

What supporting documents do you require for a Vox Business Fibre application?

Vox requires the below supporting documents for your Vox Business Fibre Application:
  • Signed quote

  • Clear copy of director's ID

  • Proof of address for the business or Director

  • Business registrations document

  • Company letterhead

How long does installation take?

If your building is located in a off-net fibre area your installation lead time is 6-9 months.

If your building is located in a on-net fibre area your installation lead time is 4-6 months.

If your building is located in a preferred fibre area your installation lead time is 4-8 weeks.


Do you supply phones?

Yes we do, click here for our Cloud Phone offering www.pbxcapetown.co.za

Does Vox supply any equipment? 

Upon installation, you will be supplied with an ONT and a router.

Do you supply Wi-Fi Boosting access points?

Vox does supply WI-FI boosting points to increase reach. Email sales@dsltelecom.co.za to get your quote.

What routers are offered with FTTB Communicate Bundles?

You have the option to choose between 3 different routers: 

1. MikroTip hAO ac Lite Dual Band WiFI Router - Free

2. MikroTik RB750GR3 (No WiFI) - Free

3. MikroTik RB3011UiAS-RM 10 Port Gigabit 1SFP PoE Rack-Mount Router (Only available on 100Mbps + packages) - Additional monthly charge and once off setup fee. 
Fair Usage Policy

How does the Fair Usage Policy work? 

A fair usage policy will be implemented on standard uncapped bundles according to the soft cap limits. No other monthly restrictions will apply. Should utilisation reach a total of 50% of the fair use threshold, the line speed will be limited to 50% of the contracted line speed. Should utilisation reach 100% of the fair use threshold, the line speed will be limited to 10% of the contracted line speed. The FUP may be lifted by adding Fibre+ which removes the FUP instantaneously & will apply for the reminder of the contract term.

Bundle Line SpeedsFUP Step1-50% Line Speed FUP Step
2-10% Line Speed
10Mbps 500GB5Mbps 1 000GB 1Mbps 
20Mbps1 000GB 10Mbps 2 000GB 2Mbsps 


 2 500GB 25Mbps 5000GB5Mbps
 100Mbps 5 000GB 50Mbps 10 000GB 10Mbps
 200Mbps 10 000GB 100Mbps 20 000GB 20Mbps
 500Mbps 25 000GB 250Mbps 50 000GB 50Mbps
 1 0000Mbps 50 000GB 500Mbps 100 000GB 100Mbps
Bundle Line SpeedsFUP Step
1-50% Line Speed FUP Step
2-10% Line Speed
20Mbps1 000GB 10Mbps 2000GB 2Mbsps 


 2 500GB 25Mbps 5000GB5Mbps
 100Mbps 5 000GB 50Mbps 10 000GB 10Mbps
 200Mbps 10 000GB 100Mbps 20 000GB 20Mbps
 500Mbps 25 000GB 250Mbps 50 000GB 50Mbps
 1 0000Mbps 50 000GB 500Mbps 100 000GB 100Mbps

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