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Liquid Intelligent Technologies' standard fibre pricing

ODF connected building pricing

ODF building pricing includes, free standard installation and 12 free voice channels. Installation lead time is 4-8 weeks.




200/200 Mbps500/500 Mbps
1000/1000  Mbps
Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped 
Static IP Addresses 55555 555 
Contention Ratioup to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1
Voice channels1212 12 12 12 12 1212 
Service Level AgreementBest Effort Best effort Best effort Best effort Best effort Best effort Best effort Best effort
Monthly price incl. VATR930.00
R1050.00R1300.00 R1550.00R3800.00R7400.00R10465.00R13455.00 

*Please note: Contract term is month-to-month.

*No installation cost. 

*Customers will experience no contention on Liquid's network under normal conditions.

*60 day cancellation notice is required.

Standard pricing

This pricing category is for business premises where fibre optic cabling already exists in the area so Liquid Intelligent Technologies just needs to pull the fibre cable into the building. The installation lead time is 4-6 months.




200/200 Mbps500/500 Mbps
 1000/1000 Mbps
DataUncappedUncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped Uncapped  UncappedUncapped
 Once-off installation costR1500.00 R1500.00 R1500.00R1500.00R1500.00 R1500.00R1500.00 R1500.00 
Static IP address5 5  5 55 5 5 5 
Contention Ratioup to 10:1  up to 10:1up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 up to 10:1 
Service Level AgreementBest Effort Best Effort Best Effort Best Effort Best Effort Best Effort Best Effort Best Effort 
Monthly price excl. VATR1300.00
R1600.00R1900.00 R2300.00R2800.00R5000.00R9000.00R13000 .00

*Please note: Contract term is 24 months.

*Customers will experience no contention on Liquid's network under normal conditions.

Router: Liquid Intelligent Technologies will provide all new broadband fibre customers with a router to access the Liquid Intelligent Technologies network. Over time however, with an increase in bandwidth demand,  the same router may become incapable of managing increased bandwidth with upgrades. Liquid Intelligent Technologies will however either provide a new router upon extension of an agreement or alternatively bill a levy of R750 to replace the existing router. 

Additional Services: 

Voice Services are available on our Broadband fibre products

  • 12 SIP channels at R500
  • 24 SIP channels at R800
  • 36 SIP channels at R1300

Booster services are available to customers who need to increase their speed at certain times of the month. This service is however dependent on the last-mile technology and router deployed on the service. 
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Liquid Intelligent Technologies business fibre FAQs

Liquid Intelligent Technologies Fibre
Signing Up
Liquid Intelligent Technologies Fibre

How is Liquid Intelligent Technologies fibre delivered?

The service is delivered via last mile to the customer premises through fibre or microwave. The quality of the service remains the same regardless of the last mile termination technique. The back haul is on Liquid Intelligent Technologies' Tier 1 fibre network in all cases.

Can I boost my speed as needed?

Booster services are available to customers who need to increase their speed at certain times of the month. The service is dependent on the last mile technology used and CPE range.

What does 'symmetrical' mean or refer to?

A symmetric connection means that your upload and download speeds will be exactly the same. Example: On a 10Mbps service, you will be allowed a maximum download rate of 10Mbps and a maximum upload rate of 10Mbps. The ‘A’ in ‘ADSL’ stand for ‘Asymmetric’, meaning that the service does not offer equal upload and download speeds. Usually, a 10Mbps ADSL service will have a maximum upload rate of 1Mbps.

Signing Up

How long does it take to do a Liquid Intelligent Technologies' fibre feasibility check?

In most cases we get them done within a day, however the official turnaround time from Liquid Intelligent Technologies is 48 hrs or longer if a ‘Business case’ is required, in which case it is referred up to push approvals.

What supporting documents are required with my application?

Liquid Intelligent Technologies will require the following supporting documents to support the application that needs to be submitted with your signed COF (customer order form):
1. Company Registration Document (Including page listing directors)
2. Copy of ID (certification not required.)
3. Proof of Address
4. Proof of Banking (Bank confirmation letter or 3 Months Bank Statements on Stamped Bank Letterhead)
Please submit your COF and supporting documents to

What is involved in running a fibre feasibility enquiry with Liquid Intelligent Technologies?

To get a Liquid Intelligent Technologies Fibre service, a feasibility study needs to be done in order for Liquid Intelligent Technologies to assess if they can deliver the product to your premises. The feasibility study is a financial one and Liquid Intelligent Technologies will look at the cost it will incur to deliver a fibre service to your premises. If the package value cost is higher than the implementation cost, then most applications come back as feasible. Email to request a feasibility study.

How do I sign up for the service should my application be feasible?

A COF (customer order form) will be generated by Liquid Intelligent Technologies and sent through to the customer for signature. The customer needs to sign the COF and send it back to us at with the required supporting documentation.

I have multiple Liquid Intelligent Technologies services, can I split them into multiple accounts?

You may have purchased multiple services through Liquid Intelligent Technologies and by default, these will all be included on the same account and invoiced on one invoice. If you require that your services be split onto multiple accounts, this can be discussed with your service manager. On any future orders for services, you can specify on the COF which account you would like them to be invoiced on.


How long does installation take?

This standard pricing category is for business premises where fibre optic cabling already exists in the area so Liquid Intelligent Technologies just needs to pull the fibre cable into the building. The installation lead time is 4-6 months.

How long does it take for Liquid Intelligent Technologies to install the fibre or microwave service? 

Once we have submitted your signed COF (customer order form) to Liquid Intelligent Technologies and you have been approved for the service, Liquid Intelligent Technolgies will begin the fibre or microwave implementation project. The installation lead time is 4-6 months.

  • You will be assigned a Liquid Intelligent Technologies Service delivery manager (SDM), who will coordinate the project with the customer and Liquid Intelligent Technologies' contractor.

  • One of Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ contractors will conduct a site inspection at your premises and map out the installation. Liquid Intelligent Technologies will then draw up a CSRS document which needs to be signed off by the client and the landlord of the premises. LOS (line of sight) tests may also need to be completed for microwave installations.

  • Liquid Intelligent Technologies needs to get certain way leave approvals from relevant municipal departments in order to trench to your premises or terminate the microwave connection. This can cause delays, especially over public holidays and network ‘freeze’ periods such as December and January when the municipal councils are closed.

  • Once approvals have been received, the physical work (trenching and implementation) work needs to happen by the 3rd party contractor.

  • A contractor then needs to be sent out to connect the fibre point as well as the CPE (customer premises equipment).

Can Liquid Intelligent Technologies supply a NAT solution?

Yes, if a NAT solution is required, only 1 public IP address will be made available. For non-NAT solutions, 5 static public IP addresses will be allocated.

Is SMTP offered?


Is SMTP relay offered?

No SMTP relay is offered with the NeoBroadband service. The client or the client's email provider will need to provide the SMTP relay.

Who connects the Liquid Intelligent Technologies equipment to our LAN equipment after the contractor leaves?

Once the contractor has finished putting down the CPE (customer premises equipment) and doing their relevant tests, the next steps are:

1) Liquid Intelligent Technologies will run tests on the link for a period of time (+/- a week) to ensure everything is stable.
2) If additional equipment or re-configuration is required, the contractor will need to come out again to change equipment or add extra antennas (used in microwave termination).
3) Once Liquid Intelligent Technologies is satisfied with the link, they will provide the client and reseller (DSL Telecom) with a service handover instruction via email, after which Liquid Intelligent Technologies’ billing will commence.
4) The client is then required to connect the service to their LAN (computer network). Usually your IT person can do this or you can contact DSL Telecom on and we can come connect it for you. (Please note the charge is billable if you are not on a DSL Telecom connectivity SLA.)
5) You can also contact the Liquid Intelligent Technologies Enterprise service desk for connection assistance on: EnterpriseService@Liquid or 011 774 0045

Important notice regarding Customer LAN/WLAN VS INTERNET SPEEDS:

Liquid Intelligent Technologies is only responsible for providing their link to the termination point at your premises. If you plug a laptop directly into Liquid Intelligent Technologies' CPE (please note special settings are required), you will see the actual service speed being delivered. How you distribute your internet connection throughout your office from the Liquid Intelligent Technologies CPE can have a direct impact on the ultimate speed or service experience you get from your internet connection. Please ensure your network devices such as wireless access points, IP phones, switches & routers, etc. have been correctly setup and designed to withhold the throughput in order to achieve the required speed over your network. If you have the need, you can conduct an FTP test to see the actual speed of your link directly onto the Liquid Intelligent Technologies service. 


How does the 12 channel NeoVoice product work?

You have the option to add voice channels as follows:

  • 12 Voice Channels @ R500 per month
  • 24 Voice Channels @ R800 per month
  • 36 Voice Channels @ R1300 per month

Do I need an IP-PBX to use the NeoVoice product?

It is always better to use a cloud-based PBX that can be provided through DSL Telecom. Visit for more.

Do you supply Phone Systems?

Yes, DSL Telecom can supply you with either an on-site phone system or a cloud-based phone system. Click here to get a phone system quote:

How do I connect the NeoVoice product into my PBX?

If you have a DSL Telecom PBX, then you can log a ticket to and we will assist in programming your Liquid Intelligent Technologies voice into your IP PBX system. If you have a 3rd party PBX vendor, they will be required to program the Voice accounts into your PBX.

Is it possible to obtain utilisation statistics and graphs?

Yes. A request must be sent to the relevant KAM (Key account manager) who will arrange the report.


Does Liquid Intelligent Technologies supply any equipment?

Yes, Liquid Intelligent Technologies will supply a CPE (customer premises equipment - Either Billion, Cisco or One Access Router or similar– depending on the installation) as well as an external antenna if the last mile connectivity to the client’s premises is Microwave.

Does Liquid Intelligent Technologies supply a router?

No, Liquid Intelligent Technologies does not supply a router. The router specs and requirements differ according to each business's IT department requirements. You will need to use your own router or you can purchase an enterprise-grade router from DSL Telecom. Email for more information.

Who configures the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE)?

A contractor does the installation and the CPE device is pre-configured before installation by Liquid Intelligent Technologies. The actual fibre is already rolled out and spliced prior to this configuration.

How is the Customer Premises Equipment (CPE) equipment supplied by Liquid Intelligent Technologies installed?

1. Connection of Liquid Intelligent Technologies Fibre/Microwave Termination point within client’s premises to the Liquid Intelligent Technologies supplied CPE equipment and configuration of relevant services. (Done by contractor)
2. Connect the CPE device to a standard electrical outlet. (Done by contractor)

Do you supply internal Wi-Fi Boosting Access Points or APs?

If you have a large premises you may need to extend the Wi-Fi across large areas, the best solution is always a cabled AP (Access Point Solution). We use Ubiquiti APs which plug into one of the LAN/Ethernet ports on your switch with a cable. The cable is then run from the router/switch (normally through the roof etc) to the area you desire the Wi-Fi coverage. The AP is then attached to the ceiling similar to how a light fixture is fitted. You can run multiple APs on your premises. Speak to us for pricing and a solution quotation for Wi-Fi should you require it. Email to request a quote.

I have a wireless service already - how does Liquid Intelligent Technologies' microwave compare?

Liquid Intelligent Technologies operates its own licensed wireless spectrum which only Liquid Intelligent Technologies can use. Numerous other wireless services in the market may be cheaper, but they run over a public or open wireless spectrum which is subject to over-congestion and interference and therefore quality, especially Voice, suffers. Liquid Intelligent Technologies provides a service SLA on its voice products and the quality is superb, regardless of the last mile medium.

Is Reverse-DNS (PTR records) available?


How many Public IPs are available per service?

A maximum of 5 Static Public IPs are provisioned per NeoBB Fibre service.

If I have an existing range of Public IP addresses from my current ISP, can I migrate these to Liquid Intelligent Technologies?

No. The range of public IPs given to you from your ISP effectively belongs to a pool of IP addresses assigned to them directly.

Is NAT (Native Address Translation) available?

Yes. However, if a NAT solution is required, only 1 Public IP will be made available for the service – the other 4 IP addresses will not be made available.


How does Liquid Intelligent Technologies billing work?

Subscriptions fees (MRC): The MRC (monthly recurring cost) on your Customer Order Form (COF), is billed in advance, i.e. you pay for the service in the month you receive it. If your service is installed and handed over in the middle of a month, you will be billed a pro rata amount for that period as well. Invoices have a 30 day payment period so charges raised in November in advance for December will be payable in the first week of December.

Usage charges: Usage such as call minutes and bandwidth boosts, are billed one month in arrears. These are billed per calendar month.

Set up fees (NRC): The NRC on your COF, is charged once-off on the first invoice for the service concerned.

How do I receive my monthly invoice from Liquid Intelligent Technologies?

Your invoice is prepared by Liquid Intelligent Technologies on the 2nd or 3rd of each month and delivered to you 2 or 3 days later. Your monthly invoice(s) will be automatically emailed to the email address specified on the COF. Please ensure that we have your correct email address when you complete the order form.

Should you require a hard copy of your bill or monthly statements for your account(s) please contact your service manager or log a service request at the Service Desk. If required we can also print your Purchase Order number on your invoice, this must be provided to before the 25th of the previous month.

How do I pay my Liquid Intelligent Technologies account?

If you have chosen EFT as your payment method, then your bill is payable within 30 days of date of invoice and the Liquid Intelligent Technologies bank details are listed on your invoice. Please quote your customer account number on the EFT or bank deposit as this will help us to identify your payment. The customer account number is printed on the top right of the invoice.

PLEASE NOTE: the public beneficiary that is automatically created by the major banks is not the correct bank account. When paying by EFT, please create your own beneficiary for Liquid Intelligent Technologies using the details on the invoice to ensure that your payment is made into the correct account. If you have chosen debit order as your preferred payment option, then Liquid Intelligent Technologies
 will debit your bank account on the agreed date.

My first invoice looks high? Please explain?

Your first invoice will always be higher than your normal monthly quoted price because it may include the following charges all rolled into one:

1) Monthly upfront subscription cost (or MRC)
2) Pro-Rated billing if your service was installed in the middle of a month.
3) Set up fees or NRC’s (non-recurring costs) usually charged on installation.

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