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Free delivery to your door

Your Telkom LTE SIM card and/or router will be delivered to your door free of charge within 7-14 working days.

Plug & play installation

It is so easy to install, just insert your Telkom LTE SIM card into a router, switch on and start surfing the internet.

Superior speeds

 Reap the benefits of lightning-fast internet speeds. Seamlessly stream music and movies in real-time.

Telkom LTE SIM-only packages

Data Allocation Hardware  DeliveryPrice 
 120GB Telkom LTE 120GB (60GB Anytime + 60GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only Included R299.00 pm x24
 140GB Telkom LTE 140GB (70GB Anytime + 70GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only Included R399.00 pm x24
180GB Telkom LTE 180GB (90GB Anytime + 90GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only Included R499.00 pm x 24
 240GB Telkom LTE  240GB (120GB Anytime + 120GB Night Surfer) SIM-only    Included R699.00 pm x 24
 440GB Telkom LTE 440GB (220GB Anytime + 220GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only Included R999.00 pm x24

Telkom LTE SIM + router packages

PackageData Allocation Hardware  DeliveryPrice 
 120GB Telkom LTE 120GB (60GB Anytime + 60GB Night Surfer)  SIM + router Included R369.00 pm x24
 140GB Telkom LTE 140GB (70GB Anytime + 70GB Night Surfer)  SIM + router  Included R469.00 pm x24
180GB Telkom LTE 180GB (90 GB Anytime + 90GB Night Surfer)  SIM + router Included R569.00 pm x 24
 240GB Telkom LTE  240GB (120GB Anytime + 120GB Night Surfer) SIM + router Included R769.00 pm x 24
 440GB Telkom LTE 440GB (220GB Anytime + 220GB Night Surfer)  SIM + router Included R1069.00 pm x24
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Telkom LTE SIM-only packages

Add on a Wi-Fi router to your SIM-only deal if you need one 

Telkom LTE 100GB Package
Telkom LTE 140GB Package
Telkom LTE 180GB Package
Telkom LTE 240GB Package
Telkom LTE 440GB Package
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Telkom LTE router 

Add on a Wi-Fi router to your SIM-only deal if you need one

Telkom LTE Sim + Router Deals

D-Link DWR-956 router

+ R70 per month

  • Add on the DWR-956M Wi-Fi router to your SIM-only package at an additional R70 pm x 24. 
  • Connects up to 64 devices
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Quickly Top-up

Top up your data if you run out or add a recurring bolt-on top-up via the Telkom website or mobile app.

Popular Top-ups pricing:

20GB + 20GB @ R199.00 
 40GB + 40GB @ R299.00
60GB + 60GB @ R399.0080GB + 80GB @ R499.00
120GB + 120GB @ R699.00220GB + 220GB @ R999.00
20GB + 20GB @ R199.00 
 40GB + 40GB @ R299.00
60GB + 60GB @ R399.0080GB + 80GB @ R499.00
120GB + 120GB @ R699.00220GB + 220GB @ R999.00

Telkom LTE FAQ's

LTE Packages
Signing Up
Installation & Delivery
LTE Packages

What is LTE-A (LTE-Advanced)?

LTE-Advanced also known as 4G is the next evolution from LTE technology and Telkom was the first to commercially launch this technology in South Africa. LTE-Advanced supports a lower latency in comparison to LTE technology. This is important in supporting services that require real-time online capability like online gaming and high Quality of Service.

What is the difference between LTE vs Fibre?

LTE and Fibre technology both fall into the next-generation basket of internet technologies. LTE is delivered over a dedicated, licensed wireless spectrum using advanced technologies, while Fibre is delivered over a physical fibre optic cable. Both technologies are capable of delivering faster internet speeds with lower latencies and higher dependability than traditional technologies.

What speeds can I expect from Telkom's LTE-Advanced network?

Telkom's LTE-Advance network supports download speeds of up to 150Mbps and upload speeds of up to 25Mbps.

What happens if I relocate?

Telkom LTE is designed to be a fixed-wireless service that remains at a single location, however should you take it with you when you travel or move, it will work just by plugging it in depending on whether you are still in a LTE, 3G or LTE-Advanced coverage zone (should you have an LTE –advanced router/package).

Can I upgrade or downgrade my LTE packages?

After the first 3 months of your contract you may upgrade or downgrade your package at any time.

Signing Up

Does RICA apply?

RICA compliance rules will apply.

What supporting documents are required if I sign up in my personal (consumer) capacity?

1. Signed Application Form
2. Copy of ID 

3. Copy of latest Telkom bill (only required for Telkom customers)

What supporting documents are required if I sign up in business capacity?

1. Signed Application Form
2. Company Registration Document

3. Copy of Directors' ID

4. Copy of latest Telkom Bill 

5. Proof of Directors' Address

6. Proof of banking (1 month bank statement, cancelled cheque or bank confirmation letter) 

How do I check my Telkom LTE coverage?

A sales agent will be able to assist you with checking if your address is in coverage. Fill in the form and we will check your coverage across all networks

Can I add the LTE service to my existing Telkom account?

If you have a Telkom Mobile account then yes. If you have a Telkom Fixed Line account (i.e. landline or ADSL service) then no, as Fixed Line and Mobile are different divisions at Telkom.

How long does the process take once I submit my application form?

Consumer applications take +/- 7 - 14 working days. Business applications take +/- 7 - 14 working days, so please ensure you get your paperwork in with the correct supporting documentation early.

Do I need a Telkom line in order to get the LTE service?

No fixed line is needed at all. LTE is a completely wireless technology.

Installation & Delivery

How long does it take for my SIM to be activated once the courier delivers?

+/- 24-48 hours, once your hardware arrives your SIM card is not yet active. You need to sign the courier waybill and only after the courier gets back to the depot and scans in the waybill and sends it to the Telkom Mobile back office, will Telkom activate the SIM. 

Where will my LTE SIM and device be delivered to?

The hardware will be sent directly to the delivery address specified on the application form. In most cases this will be the client's premises address, so you can expect a delivery from Telkom directly unless you have arranged our agents to install/deliver.

What precautions should I take when setting up my LTE Wi-Fi router?

Users should reset their login username and password on the router, as well as the password for the Wi-Fi connection. For assistance with this or advanced security, please call the Telkom support desk on 081180.

What do I need to have with me when the courier arrives?

The person receiving the LTE package needs to be the same person who has signed for the deal on the application form and they will need to present a copy of their ID to the courier.

Rica compliance rules will apply.


When is the night surfer data available?

Night surfer data is available between 12am-7am daily. Including weekends.

Does my unused data roll over to the next month?

Yes, unused data does roll over to the next month for 30 days.

Can I top up my LTE and if so, how?

Top up your data if you run out or add a recurring bolt-on top-up via the Telkom website or mobile app.

How do I monitor my LTE data usage?

If you have a smart phone, download the Telkom Mobile App from the Apple I-store or Google Play store. Within the app you can check your data balances instantly.


How many wireless devices can I connect to my LTE Wi-Fi router?

You can connect up to 64 wireless devices on the D-Link DWR-956 AC1200 DB Wi-Fi router and 10 devices on the Huawei 5577 Mi-Fi router.

How can I boost Wi-Fi speed and signal?

Lock your router to 4G or purchase air ties/ boosters to help boost your Wi-Fi signal. View Air Ties here:  View antennas here:

What are the D-Link DWR-956M AC 1200 LTE Wi-Fi router specs?

• Strong Wi-Fi Coverage
• Lets you connect up to 64 high-speed wireless devices
• 4 cable connections

• Form: 4G (LTE-Advanced) Router
• Speed: LTE 300 Mbps DL / 100 Mbps UL

• Wi-Fi Protocol: (2.4GHz up to 300Mbps and 5GHz up to 867 Mbps)

External Ports: 

4 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet LAN ports

1 x 10/100 Fast Ethernet WAN port

1 X USB 2.0 for file sharing

4 X Fixed external antennas

Firewall and access control options


Who do I call if I have technical queries?

You can call 081180 and you will be routed to the data call center for support.


What if I cancel my LTE package?

Should you cancel the contract early Telkom Mobile will as an early termination fee, recover R850 administration fee and also recover the device subsidy for the remainder of the term of the contract. You will also be liable for the outstanding balance of any other free hardware you have received.


What if I require a telephone line service as well?

We can provide you with a VoIP telephone number which will enable you to make cheap calls over you LTE connection. You can also port your number to the VoIP network and keep your existing number. VoIP numbers cost only R29/month and you only pay for calls you make thereafter at reduced rates. Click here to view packages:

Do you supply VoIP hardware?

Yes, DSL Telecom can provide you with 3 options when it comes to voice:

1) We can provide a VoIP Telephone number which is programmed into your LTE router. The numbers cost only R29 per month and all you need to do is plug in your existing analogue phone handset into the LTE router and you will be able to make and receive low cost VoIP call. Click here for more information

2) We can provide you with a VoIP enabled phone, either cordless, desktop or even a softphone for your PC. See all our phones here:

3) You can sign up for a Cloud PBX extension and get full PBX functionality for a low monthly cost. Use an IP phone or use the softphone client as your device to make and receive low cost calls. See the business voice options here:

Telkom LTE deals

" Thanks to DSL Telecom, I have a superior internet connection on LTE. I will certainly recommend them to anybody looking for a reliable company that's always there to help. "

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LTE deals
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" I predict that this company will have a bright future in South Africa. It is very rare to find fast and efficient service like this anywhere. Their best asset is their personell, hands down. "

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