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Telkom mobile data

On-the-move connectivity to use for emails, social media applications, streaming and internet browsing.

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A man checking in on his social media accounts using mobile data

Free delivery and easy setup

Your Telkom Mobile Data SIM card will be delivered to your door within 3 -5 working days. It's so easy to install, you just plug it into an LTE-compatible router, switch on and start surfing. No fixed line required! 

There is a once-off activation fee of R99.

High speed Telkom network

Get fast mobile data speeds on Telkom's award-winning network. Enjoy data connectivity for internet access to emails, social media applications, streaming and internet browsing while you are on the move.

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A Telkom mobile data user transferring data for free to another subscriber on the Telkom Mobile network

Quickly top-up

Top up your data if you run out or add a recurring bolt-on top-up via the Telkom website or mobile app.

Popular Top-ups pricing:

1G + 1G @ R40

2G + 2G @ R60

4G + 4G @ R100

6G + 6G @ R129

10G + 10G @ R200

14G + 14G @ R259

The Easiest Way To Sign Up For Telkom Mobile Data

Telkom mobile data packages​(SIM-only)

Anytime Data1GB2GB4GB6GB10GB14GB20GB

Night surfer data

SIM IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
Delivery IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded


R40 pmR60 pm R100 pmR129 pmR200 pmR259 pm R355 pm

Telkom mobile data packages​(SIM + router)

Anytime Data1GB2GB4GB6GB10GB14GB20GB

Night surfer data

SIM IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded
RouterE5577 MifiE5577 MifiE5577 MifiE5577 Mifi E5577 MifiE5577 MifiE5577 Mifi
Delivery IncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncludedIncluded


R69 pmR89 pm R129 pmR159 pmR229 pmR289 pm R389 pm
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The Easiest Way To Sign Up For Telkom Mobile Data

Telkom mobile data packages (SIM-only)

Telkom Mobile Data 2GB Package
Telkom Mobile Data 4GB Package
Telkom Mobile Data 8GB Package
Telkom Mobile Data 12GB Package
Telkom Mobile Data 20GB Package
Telkom Mobile Data 28GB Package
Telkom Mobile Data 40GB Package
Telkom Mobile Data 100GB Package
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The Huawei E7755 LTE Mi-Fi Router is recommend to pair with your Telkom Mobile data

Huawei E7755 Mifi Router

For the best online experience, we recommend you pair your Telkom Mobile Data with the Huawei E7755 LTE Mi-Fi device.
  • Connects up to 10 devices
  • Two external LTE antenna ports 
  • One micro-SIM card slot

Telkom mobile data FAQs

Telkom Mobile Data
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Transferring Data
Upgrades & Downgrades
Telkom Mobile Data

What is the Mobile Data offer?

Mobile Data offer is a Post-Paid data plan that can be subscribed to on a 24-month contract with a device or a SIM-only contract. Mobile Data plans will provide subscribers with national coverage and subscribers will have access to both Telkom Mobile network and partner roaming network coverage areas.

How do I know if Telkom is covered in my area?

Before purchasing any of the Telkom Mobile data products, a coverage check must be done at www.coveragecheck.co.za

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What documents do I need when signing up for personal capacity or consumer applications?

You will need to present the following documents: 

  • Signed consumer application form
  • Copy of ID (does not need to be certified)
  • Latest Telkom Bill (only required if you are an existing Telkom client) 

What documents do I need when signing up for business capacity or business applications?

You will need to present the following documents: 

  • Signed business application form
  • Copy of company registration or CK document
  • Copy of directors ID (does not need to be certified)
  • Proof of address (residential address of directors)
  • Proof of banking (bank confirmation letter or 3 month internet bank statements or cancelled cheque)

Am I able to port-in my SIM card from another operator?

Yes, you can port-in your SIM card from another operator and subscribe to any of Telkom’s contract offers on a ported SIM card. Port-in also allows you to retain your existing mobile number. 


What is the validity period of Mobile Data plans?

The inclusive data has a validity of two calendar months. e.g. The inclusive data allocated to your Mobile Data plan on the 1 April will expire on the 31 May.

What happens to unused inclusive Mobile Data?

Any unused inclusive data on Mobile Data plans shall roll over to the next calendar month. The rolled over data will be depleted first before the newly allotted inclusive data is used. e.g. If you are subscribed to a Mobile Data 6GB plan and have only utilised 3GB of your inclusive data. The remaining 3GB unused data shall be carried over to the following month. The 3GB will be consumed and depleted first before the new allotment of 6GB is utilised. Any unused data remaining beyond the two calendar months period will be forfeited.

What happens once my inclusive data has been depleted on my Mobile Data Plan?

Subscribers will be directed to the Out-of-Bundle page once all their inclusive data has been depleted where they will have the options to do the following: a) End their browsing session b) Purchase a Once-Off data bundle c) Continue to browse the internet at the Out-of-Bundle Rate of R0.30 per MB.

When do I start using Night Surfer Data?

You start using your Night Surfer data component from midnight until 7AM. Night Surfer data can only be used on Telkom network and does not work on roaming partner network. Once your allocated Night Surfer data has been depleted, your internet connection will start consuming from your available anytime inclusive data. Night Surfer has a validity period of 1 calendar month and does not carry over.

How much is the Out-of-Bundle rate?

Standard Out-of-Bundle rates shall be as follows: 1. Data rate of R0.30 per MB shall apply 2. Voice call rate of R2.77 per minute shall apply 3. SMS rate of R0.50 per SMS will apply.

How do I check the data bundle balance?

Data balances can be checked via the USSD (*188#), Telkom App (Android & iOS) or Self-Service Portal.

How do I purchase once-off data bundles?

Mobile Data subscribers can purchase Once-Off data bundles via: 

  • USSD by dialling *180#

  • Telkom Self-Service Portal 

  • Telkom App (Android and iOS) 

  • Telkom Stores 

Transferring Data

What is data bundle transfer?

Data bundle transfer is a free value-added service that allows Mobile Data subscribers to transfer data to other subscribers within the Telkom Mobile network. 

Which data bundle can I transfer?

Inclusive Data, Once-off and Recurring data bundle purchases will be allowed to be transferred. Promotional, such as Night Surfer Data, Bonus and Campaign shall not be permitted for transfer. 

Is there a limit to data bundles you can transfer?

Subscribers will have the option to transfer data in the following denominations: 25MB, 50MB, 100MB, 250MB, 500MB and 1GB. A subscriber shall be allowed to transfer up to a maximum of 1GB a day and a maximum of 10GB for the month.

How can I make a data bundle transfer?

Data bundle transfer capability shall be enabled via the Self-Service Portal, Telkom App (Android & iOS) and USSD menu (*180#).

Will the transferred data bundle be prorated?

The data bundles shall not be pro rated and the subscriber shall be able to utilise the data transferred until it is fully consumed.

How long will the transferred data bundle be valid for?

Validity period of the donated data bundle shall be as per the donor validity period. 

Can I transfer a data bundle to subscribers from other Mobile Network Operators?

No, data bundle transfer shall not be permitted to or from other Mobile Network Operators. 

Can I transfer the donated data bundle?

Customers shall not be allowed to transfer the donated data bundle. 

Do I receive the transferred data immediately?

Data Bundle transfer shall happen in real-time between the donor and the recipient.

How will I know if the data bundle transfer is successful?

Successful Data Bundle Transfer: Both the donor and recipient subscribers shall receive SMS notification stating that the Data Bundle transfer has been completed successfully. The SMS will state the bundle size and the transferring subscribers mobile number.

What happens when my donated data bundle expires, and I still have not used up the data?

Unused donated data bundle shall not carry over, when the bundle expires you will forfeit all the unused data. Should the subscriber deplete his/her donated data bundle allocated, she/he may purchase another data bundle. 


Will I be able to make voice calls?

Yes, voice is enabled on data offers and is charged at R2.77 per minute on per second billing, with the exception of emergency services (10111, 10177 and 112) and helpdesk (081 180), which are free. 

Upgrades & Downgrades

Will I be able to upgrade to another contract?

Yes, and you will retain any balance of the once-off internet bundle at the time of upward migration. You will continue with the existing contract agreement and will not be considered to have entered into a new contract agreement based on the migration request. Upward migrations are limited to one per calendar month.

Will I be able to downgrade?

Yes, but you will be liable to pay a migration fee for a downward migration, which will be determined at the time of requesting the migration. You will retain any balances of once-off internet bundles at the time of downward migration. Telkom will, as a downward migration fee, recover the difference in device subsidy between the original and the newly selected packages as well as a R400 (incl. VAT) administration fee. You will continue with the existing contract agreement and will not be considered to have entered into a new contract agreement based on the migration request.

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