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25.03.22 10:42 AM By Kim

Keeping our team members upskilled with the latest industry certifications has always been of utmost importance to us and this month has been no exception. Seven of our Zoho Customer Success Agents enrolled in a Zoho CRM Certification course which consisted of a 4-day training course and concluded with an in-depth exam which they all passed with flying colours. They are now fully-fledged Zoho CRM Certified consultants which makes DSL Telecom a recognised Zoho CRM Certified Partner in South Africa.

Our team of Zoho CRM Certified Consultants is ready to take your Zoho CRM implementation project to another level

About The Zoho CRM Certification

A Zoho CRM certification is proof of our technical know-how and demonstrated expertise in using Zoho's products. We have learned how to set up processes, data security settings, and automations. Our team of Zoho CRM Certified Consultants also has a firm understanding of customisation and integration options to expertly tailor Zoho to your requirements.

Take Advantage of a Zoho Certified Partner - DSL Telecom is Now Recognised As Having Zoho CRM Certified Consultants In South Africa

Implementing Zoho CRM demands active commitment and technical expertise to achieve the desired goals. Between 18% and 69% of CRM implementation projects fail due to project management issues and unrealistic expectations. That is why organisations rely on the expertise of a Zoho Certified partner to maximise return on investment. 

DSL Telecom is ready to explore your ideas and help you develop strategies to improve your business processes. We pride ourselves in ensuring that Zoho works the right way for YOUR business. Our team of Zoho Certified Consultants has been trained by Zoho to recommend and sell the perfect Zoho software applications to our customers for their businesses through free product trials, demonstrations and business-needs analysis.

Our Clients:

DSL Telecom is a Zoho CRM Certified Partner in South Africa

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As a Zoho CRM Certified partner, we take you through a Zoho Review Consultation to assess the needs of your business. These sessions identify the exact requirements and system gaps within your business and how  Zoho applications can help you become more effective.
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