An ideal friendship: DSL Telecom Phone System & Zoho CRM

19.04.21 05:01 PM By Daniella
In the age of multichannel communications, your customers are communicating to your teams through chat, email, social media and (of course) telephone. Keeping up to date with what a customer requires is even harder when all these channels act like perfect strangers — remaining separate and detached. That is why we suggest you integrate your phone and CRM software. A seamless CRM phone integration, in many ways, turns these two critical communication platforms into best friends: effortlessly in tune and always working together to achieve more than each could alone. The good news is that Zoho CRM & DSL Telecom Phone System have already been introduced and collaborate seamlessly. 

In today's blog we'll be discussing what makes the Zoho CRM & DSL Telecom PBX integration the best of companions. 

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Easier tracking

Make manual data entry a thing of the past with DSL Telecom and Zoho CRM's automatic call logging feature. Accurate and descriptive notes on your customer is your team's secret weapon to providing superior service! The call pop-up window enables your team to add notes, create follow-up tasks or assign the contact you spoke with to someone else. You will never lose track or forget about a conversation that you had with a customer.

DSL Telecom PBX System integrates seamlessly with Zoho CRM integration

Call pop-ups to better serve your customers

Zoho's CRM Software can store, access and analyse large amounts of diverse information, including detailed caller identification and call history. Linking your telephony to your CRM gives your sales team quick access to previous call interactions and customer details before the call connects. This enables you to quickly prepare for the customer interaction and ultimately you're now able to assist the customer promptly - saving time for all parties

Every call from your customer automatically displays a pop-up with the customers information on your screen. Pop-ups provide quick access to customer records which helps to get to the heart of the matter quickly. Having this information handy when a customer calls, gives your team the opportunity to provide a personalised customer service.

Zoho CRM integration with DSL Telecom's Cloud PBX in South Africa

Gives you more data

Providing your team with constructive feedback is vital to motivate, improve and enhance your workforce. It is essential to measure KPIs such as call rates, upselling activity and conversion rates. Integrating your telephony with your CRM system helps monitor and analyse staff tendencies and capabilities, providing supervisors and managers with useful, quantifiable data. This integration gives you the opportunity to generate reports. With reports, you can track trends and teams' performance during specific periods and motivate them to improve by providing proof of superb performance or the need to improve on certain aspects of their work. Built-in charts and reports let you visualise your call data and help you figure out how to provide a better customer experience.

DSL Telecom's hosted cloud PBX allows you to see your call volumes in Zoho CRM

Elevate productivity

The ability to accept incoming calls and make outgoing calls with a single click is facilitated through DSL Telecom's Cloud PBX and Zoho's CRM system, enhancing the swiftness of your staff. Stop wasting time searching for contacts' numbers and dialing numbers - make calls straight from Zoho CRM. While you're looking at your leads or contacts, just click the call icon to initiate a call.

Cloud PBX integration that allows you to click and call straight from Zoho CRM

What does this integration look like?

Zoho CRM & DSL Telecom Phone Integration: Better Together

The future belongs to companies that maintain strong customer relations and improve efficiency at serving them. Technology is an effective way to help your business achieve both these goals. By integrating your CRM and telephony services, you can make your business stand out even in a hyper-competitive market. Our Zoho Consultants and Cloud PBX Specialists understand how essential communication and building relationships are to businesses. Let us help you unify your communications with your customers.
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