DSL Telecom Cloud Phone System - The modern phone system for businesses

17.08.20 04:32 PM By Daniella
Cloud technology is revolutionising the way businesses operate in today's age. Today's economy demands agile and affordable solutions. Business communications, as an essential cornerstone for any companies, is embracing this innovation too. With a Cloud Phone System you can easily connect anywhere, anytime to your customers and your team. 

The DSL Telecom's Cloud PBX will reduce costs, help you and your teams connect from anywhere, and get more done - even when on the go. You can make and receive calls using IP Phones, mobile phones, laptops, ipads or other devices.  

What is a Cloud Phone System & how does it work?

A cloud phone system (a.k.a. cloud PBX) is a VoIP phone system that is accessible over a cloud-based IP network. It is delivered entirely over the Internet and managed completely off-site, cutting down upfront investments in telecommunications infrastructure. The deployment and setup is quick and easy, freeing companies from IT overheads. Normally, you can purchase the cloud phone service from a service provider and pay on a subscription basis.

Take a look at the diagram below to understand the flow of how a cloud phone system works:
A flow diagram showing how a cloud phone system works
Simply put, with the DSL Telecom business cloud phone system, you make and receive calls using IP phones, mobile phones or other devices, and the voice traffic is carried over an internet connection which in turn is connected to data centres sitting within the cloud.

The benefits of the DSL Telecom Cloud Phone System

Smart businesses are shifting to cloud phone systems, here's why: 
DSL Telecom cloud PBX includes all of the features you would expect from an enterprise class phone system

Big cost savings

Every business wants to save on operational costs as much as they can. The DSL Telecom Cloud Phone System is a budget-friendly option, as it runs over VoIP, allowing you to cut costs on low per second billing rates. Upfront investments on equipment are also greatly reduced as you can opt to utilise your existing phones & mobile devices. 

Complete mobility - freedom to work from anywhere

In this digital world, we are always connected to the devices we carry around with us everyday. With the DSL Telecom Cloud Phone System your office is wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Load the phone system onto your mobile device or computer and you can easily make and receive calls wherever you are, giving you and your team members the ability to work from home and on the go.  

Geographically dispersed teams can now connect easily and enjoy more collaboration, giving your business continuity and redundancy, as they move between the office and home. 

All the features you need to grow your business

The DSL Telecom cloud phone service providers offer unlimited features, such as auto attendants, conference, voicemail and call queue, without additional charges to your basic monthly fee. These phone system features provide businesses with flexibility, remote capabilities, accessibility and amplified communication. 

The DSL Telecom Cloud PBX system gives you access to PBX features without the need for complicated and expensive equipment.
Scales with you - future proof

The DSL Telecom cloud phone system works on a simple per-user basis, so that businesses can scale up capacity by simply purchasing a new user license. This phone system is ready to grow with your business. On the other hand, under such a pricing model, your business can easily scale users down as your business evolves.
Month-to-month - no contracts 

DSL Telecom's Cloud Phone System packages are month-to-month. We do not lock you into any long-term contracts, you can cancel anytime with 30 days notice.
Choose how you would like to connect - no hardware needed

You can load the DSL Telecom Phone System onto multiple devices (mobile phone, desk phone, or computer) , ensuring you stay connected all of the time.

Either use your existing phones or purchase Yealink IP phones from us. 
Making a cloud phone system call on a mobile device
Managed cloud services - at your service

DSL Telecom offers effective help-desk support to our customers on all of our plans. If you have selected either the Enterprise or Ultimate plan, you benefit further from a complete managed service with an assigned Customer Success Manager for an even simpler, worry free solution. 
It's so easy - no training is needed

Setup of the DSL Telecom Cloud Phone Systems takes just minutes. Move your business phone system to the cloud within a day. 
Bonus: CRM integrations for smarter and better collaboration

Integrated communication platforms are the next step for cloud phone systems. By combining telephony and CRM into one application, it gives teams the opportunity to manage their communications, contacts and associated information from a single application. 

The DSL Telecom Cloud Phone System has a seamless 2-way synchronisation to a range of CRM applications, including: Zoho, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365, Outlook and Google Contacts. Allowing users to:

Click to call: Instantly dial leads right from your CRM, where your customer's information is fully available.

Call journal: Sync your call data to your CRM in real-time to help you keep track of every conversation.

Call pop-up: Auto unfolds your contact profile so you can easily view account details and be prepared before answering a call

DSL Telecom PBX systems are CRM-friendly and support CRM integration with popular solutions to maximize your customer interactions.
Watch this video to learn more about DSL Telecom's cloud phone system and Zoho CRM integration.