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80s Flashback: DSL Telecom Lawn Bowls Mid-Year Function 2023
Read this blog to find out about DSL Telecom's annual mid-year event. This year we played a lawn bowls tournament while donning 80s-inspired outfits to build upon their team spirit and comradery.
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The DSL Telecom Marketing Team is Growing
We are growing our team and in this blog we discuss our values as a company and what you can expect from working at DSL Telecom. Read this blog to learn more about our available marketing positions.
14.11.22 03:47 PM - Comment(s)
Event Recap: DSL Telecom Mid-Year Team Meet-Up 

For over 10 years, DSL Telecom has hosted a mid-year team meet-up. Our annual meet-ups are an opportunity to connect with our team members, have fun, create a space for learning and encourage healthy competition. 

This year was no different,
 the name of the game was DSL Telecom's Padel Tenn...

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Working At DSL Telecom
DSL Telecom's more than 40 employees love everything the company and office has to offer including the more-than-perfect office location plus other outstanding benefits and competitive salary.
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Our team of Zoho software consultants is expanding
We are looking for dedicated individuals to represent our brand. Read this blog post to find out about our current vacancies in our Software division.
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