80s Flashback: DSL Telecom Lawn Bowls Mid-Year Function 2023

25.08.23 02:40 PM By Daniella
The mid-year function has become an annual tradition for DSL Telecom. Where we combine comradery, teamwork, learning and healthy competition. 

This year, we took a step into the past reviving the 80s for a day while taking part in a lawn bowls tournament. The infusion of the 80s spirit, retro d├ęcor and iconic music kept us grooving while rolling for glory.
DSL Telecom team members participating in a lawn bowls tournament.

A glimpse into the tournament and highlights 

Teams of four were randomly selected through drawing names out of a box. The DSL telecom team members embraced the theme and came up with nostalgic team names like The Bowl and the Beautiful, Retro Rollers, The Breakfast Club and merged 80s inspired outfits to match their team spirit.

The game plan was a knockout format, 12 teams competed in six ends to secure sufficient points to move onto the next round. The six teams with the highest scores continued on to the final knockout phase. The final consisted of two teams who competed to determine the winner.

There was friendly rivalry amongst all teams and great teamwork and collaboration. Successful teams made strategic decisions and their approach allowed them to score critical points and secure the advantage. 
DSL Telecom Team Members bonding at the 80s-themed mid year event.
DSL Telecom team member actively playing in the lawn bowls tournament by rolling the bowl on the  field.
 DSL Telecom team members showing comradery with different department members at mid-year event.
A DSL Telecom team member participating in team building activity.
DSL Telecom team members watching other teams compete in the lawn bowls tournament.
DSL Telecom team member showing team spirit through supporting team members during lawn bowls activity.

The winners and standout moments

First place winners of the lawn bowls tournament were none other than the Breakfast Club team. This team forged their victory through displaying comradery, team spirit and strategic mastery.

  • Matthew Hunt (Captain)

  • Samatha Botha

  • Brad Munz

  • Richard Cooper

Second place was secured by the Retro Rollers team.They proved to be a force in their own right, displaying clear team connection and embraced the meaning of healthy competition.

  • Lauren Van Vuuren (Captain)

  • Francois Lategan

  • Tanatswa

  • Marli Meyer

Best dressed was awarded to the Lawnmowers team. This team revived the iconic 80s fashion and brought it back to life.

  • Emily Nightingale (Captain)

  • Dre Calitz

  • Brian Van Der Vyfer

  • Gideo Beukes

Team members creating a strong company culture at the DSL Telecom's lawn bowl tournament
 DSL Telecom's best dressed team for for the 80s- themed mid year event.

DSL Telecom team shares their favourite moments

"Observing co-workers join forces who do not engage during office hours was exciting." 
- Jody Martin

"What left a lasting impression on me was the commitment shown to the 80s-themed outfits." 
- Talitha Eloff

"I loved the mid-year function, it's a fantastic event for the DSL Telecom team to connect and bond." 
- Lauren Van Vuuren

"The highlight was the bowling, watching teams miss shots by miles away and just enjoying the day!"  
- Jared Timberlake 

Until next time

DSL Telecom annual mid year event has become part of our culture. Every year we commit to creating a space for our team members to feel connected to each other, by allowing for members across all departments to integrate and build team spirit through fun activities such as lawn bowls and dressing up in retro outfits.

Thank you to the DSL Telecom team members for being part of the day. Until next time!