DPO South Africa, SA's biggest payment service provider turned to DSL Telecom to help enhance their Zoho ONE capabilities

27.08.21 04:33 PM By Daniella

About DPO Paygate

DPO South Africa, is a local entity of DPO Group that offers payment solutions. Paygate is their top tier payment gateway, trusted by leading e-commerce businesses, hospitality providers, and merchants of all sizes and industries. Paygate enables companies to accept card, mobile, and other major payment methods from directly within their website, making it easier for them to get paid online.

Zoho One Implementation improves productivity

How DPO SA geared up for growth with Zoho One & DSL Telecom

DPO SA had a shared Zoho system, that ran in conjunction with their Head Office, DPO Group. Running a shared system meant DPO SA experienced reduced business efficiencies. 

To solve this challenge, DPO SA decided to create their own separate Zoho system and build their own defined processes which have been more aligned to their local business model. This allowed them to unlock their local data to gain deeper business insight.

DPO SA enlisted DSL Telecom, a Zoho Premium Partner in South Africa with 8+ years of Zoho implementation experience and support expertise to speed up the implementation and adoption of their new Zoho ONE instance.

DSL Telecom helped DPO SA succeed with Zoho ONE by designing, implementing and launching the following Zoho anchor applications for their business:

Zoho CRM, an online customer relationship management software for managing sales, marketing and support was customised to run the PayGate sales process, show status of services and manage on-boarding of partners. Today, Zoho CRM is used to give DPO employees info about customers and partners all in one place. 

DSL Telecom created blueprints in Zoho CRM, which helped the DPO team process, prioritise and manage the on-boarding of partners and customer requests more effectively. Previously, employees had to move a customer or partner manually down the line. Now, most steps have been automated in Zoho CRM by DSL Telecom's Zoho experts, which gives DPO SA employees more time to focus on sales and partner support. Email templates were also designed and leveraged to increase the efficiency and professionalism of DPO SA's teams. Email templates can be sent on a moments notice or even through automation, ensuring accuracy and on-brand content.


Zoho Sign is a digital signing service that lets you execute contracts quickly without the hassles of transforming paper documents while ensuring security and legality. By introducing Zoho Sign, the DPO SA team ensured faster and better turnaround times for signed digital partner contracts. It works completely on the cloud and integrates readily with your everyday apps for a completely seamless signing experience.


Introducing new internal processes was the tip of the iceberg for DPO SA, they also wanted new ways of connecting with their customers in order to continue to boost their sales, support and marketing activities. DSL Telecom customised and implemented Zoho Sales IQ, an online chat application which identifies visitors on the DPO SA website, it keeps customers engaged through automation and helps them communicate with DPO SA teams via message and audio call. Zoho CRM and Zoho Sales IQ were also integrated, giving the DPO SA team visibility into how many website visits or chat engagements their customers have over their customer lifespan.


Thanks to the help of DSL Telecom, more than 115 DPO SA employees now use Zoho ONE to share and track info about leads, partners and customers better. DPO's SA's journey with Zoho ONE is not over yet, the company plans to continue automating processes and exploring what's possible with the other Zoho applications, using DSL Telecom's Customer Success Package.

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