DSL Telecom Is Proudly Certified In Zoho Desk

17.10.23 10:47 AM By Genevieve

We're thrilled to share that our team is now officially certified Associates in Zoho Desk. This certification highlights our commitment to providing excellent support solutions that are backed by a skilled team with in-depth expertise in Zoho Desk.

At DSL Telecom, our team members have a proven track record of achieving multiple Zoho certifications. Therefore, businesses can have full confidence in our ability to stay ahead of software industry developments. Why is this so important you ask? In the blog below, we look at the skills we learned from the Zoho Desk certification and how it can benefit your business.
DSL Telecom is now certified Zoho Desk Associates
DSL Telecom is now certified Zoho Desk Associates

What Is Zoho Desk?

Zoho Desk is a cloud based customer services software solution that can help you simplify your customer service processes, improve help desk agent productivity and manage customer support operations. It allows businesses to organise and resolve customer inquiries, automate customer support processes, and makes receiving support easier for your customers.

About The Zoho Desk Associate Certification:

This certification has taught our team all the advanced functions and capabilities of an admin within Zoho Desk. To achieve the Zoho Desk Associate Certification, our team had to pass an exam to demonstrate their technical know-how and expertise in Zoho Desk on the following topics:
  • Setup business processes
  • Data security configuration
  • Automation
  • Advanced customisations
  • Developer tools
  • Integrations
DSL Telecom's Zoho Desk Associate Badge as Zoho Certified Partners

​How DSL Telecom Can Help You Improve Your Customer Service 
With Zoho Desk

Our Zoho Desk certification allows us to confidently provide tailored Zoho Desk solutions to our customers. Through application of the knowledge and expertise gained in the certification, we can more accurately address customer-specific needs and help you maximise the power available in Zoho Desk to dramatically improve your customer service levels and streamline support operations. 

Here are just a few of our Zoho Desk customers:

Logos of DSL Telecom's Zoho Desk Clients


Now that we've achieved our Zoho Desk Certification, we're more prepared than ever to help you revolutionise your customer service with Zoho Desk. If you're ready to enhance your customer support operations and harness the full potential of Zoho Desk for your business, choose DSL Telecom as your trusted Zoho Premium Partner. Contact us today for a free consultation, and let us implement and customise Zoho Desk to align with your unique business needs.

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