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Affordable month-to-month deals

Affordable month-to-month deals

Sign up online and get it delivered to your door

Sign up online and get it delivered to your door

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Month-to-month LTE Deals

Free delivery and easy setup

Your LTE SIM card will be delivered to your door within 3 - 5 working days. It's so easy to install, you just plug it into an LTE compatible router, switch on and start surfing. No fixed line required!

Please note: all packages are billed a once-off SIM and activation fee of R149.

High-Speed Vox LTE network

Get fast LTE speeds on Vox's award-winning network.

Maximum download speed is up to 90 Mbps. Average download speeds are between 10 - 25 Mbps with low latency.

Vox LTE Packages
Rain Uncapped LTE Deals

Quickly top-up data

Top up your data if you run out.

Popular top-ups options:

5GB +5GB @ R99.00 60GB + 60GB @ R459.00
10GB + 10GB @ R149.0080GB + 80GB @ R559.00
20GB + 20GB @ R249.00 
 120GB + 120GB @ R759.00
40GB + 40GB @ R359.00220GB + 220GB @ R1059.00

Vox LTE packages (SIM-only)

PackageData Allocation Hardware Price 
20GB Vox LTE20GB (10GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only R99.00 pm
 40GB Vox LTE 40GB (20GB Anytime + 20GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only R149.00 pm
 80GB Vox LTE 80GB (40GB Anytime + 40GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only R199.00 pm
 120GB Vox LTE  120GB (60GB Anytime + 60GB Night Surfer) SIM-only    R249.00 pm
 180GB Vox LTE 180GB (90GB Anytime + 90GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only R349.00 pm
 260GB Vox LTE260GB (130GB Anytime + 130GB Night Surfer)  SIM-only R499.00 pm
  360GB Vox LTE 360GB (180GB Anytime + 180GB Night Surfer)   SIM-only  R599.00 pm
 440GB Vox LTE
 440GB (220GB Anytime + 220GB Night Surfer)   SIM-only  R699.00 pm
 600GB Vox LTE
600GB (300GB Anytime + 300GB Night Surfer)   SIM-only  R799.00 pm
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Vox LTE 10GB Package
Vox LTE 20GB Package
Vox LTE 40GB Package
Vox LTE 100GB Package
Vox LTE 140GB Package
Vox LTE 180GB Package
Vox LTE 240GB Package
Vox LTE 440GB Package
Vox LTE 600GB Package
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Vox LTE month to month packages

ZTE M523 Wi-Fi Router

Option 1 - SIM Only 

LTE-compatible routers include: ZTE MF235, ZTE MF256, ZTE MF286, Huawei B618, Huawei B315.

Option 2 - SIM + ZTE MF253 Wi-Fi Router R66.99p/m

Add on the ZTE MF253 Wi-Fi Router to your SIM-only package for R66.99/pm.

Option 3 - SIM + ZTE MF253 Wi-Fi Router once-off

Purchase the ZTE M523 Wi-Fi router outright for a once-off fee of R1399 incl. Vat


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What RICA rules apply when purchasing Vox LTE?

Your RICA documents will be required upon ordering Vox LTE which are:

  • Certified Copy of your ID
  • Proof of Address not older than 3 months

Will I be signing a termed contract?

Vox LTE is a month-to-month product. 


What hardware can I use with my Vox LTE?

A ZTE MF253 Wi-Fi router can be purchased outright at R1,399.00 or added as a rental for R66.99 per month with your Vox LTE SIM. You can also use your own compatible router - any of the below routers: 

  • Huawei B618

  • Huawei B315

  • ZTE MF256

  • ZTE MF286

Can I top-up my data if I run out?

Absolutely! The following top-ups are available for Vox LTE customers, via the Vox Customer Zone. Please allow for 24-48 hours for processing of the order.

  • 5GB @ R99 (5GB Anytime + 5GB Night Surfer) which works out to R9.90/GB

  • 10GB @ R149 (10GB Anytime + 10GB Night Surfer) which works out to R7.45/GB

  • 20GB @ R249 (20GB Anytime + 20GB Night Surfer) which works out to R6.22/GB

  • 40GB @ R359 (40GB Anytime + 40GB Night Surfer) which works out to R4.48/GB

  • 60GB @ R459 (60GB Anytime + 60GB Night Surfer) which works out to R3.82/GB

  • 80GB @ R559 (80GB Anytime + 80GB Night Surfer) which works out to R3.49/GB

  • 120GB @ R759 (120GB Anytime + 120GB Night Surfer) which works out to R3.16/GB

  • 220GB @ R1059 (220Gb Anytime + 220GB Night Surfer) which works out to R2.40/GB

Does my data rollover?

Unused Anytime data will expire 61 days after allocation. Unused bonus data does not rollover.

Can I view my usage?

Vox receives a delayed usage feed from the upstream provider, so more accurate usage can be viewed by logging into your router

Can I upgrade?

Upgrades can be done and are scheduled for the end of the month.

Can I downgrade?

Downgrades are subject to an administration fee of R464 incl VAT and will be scheduled for the end of the month.

Is there a charge for delivery or activation?

The standard activation and delivery fee for Vox LTE from Vox is R149 incl VAT.

Our customers

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" Amazing service by DSL Telecom. Our consultant gave us great service by explaining everything and making the process so easy and quick. Would definitely recommend. "

Margaret Lenderetz - Gauteng

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" DSL Telecom was very quick in responding to my query and a joy to work with. A few minutes later I signed up for LTE. I highly recommend DSL Telecom and Vox LTE! "

Pieter Shoeman KwaZulu-Natal
Vox LTE Monthly Deals

" Excellent service - I could not believe it. My LTE was delivered quicker than I anticipated. Thanks to the DSL Telecom team for the friendly and professional service. "

Vivianne Adams - Port Elizabeth

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